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Training For Content Creation

Tips/ Rules To Follow

  1. Never chose/ use content topics that are based on DIY (do it yourself) methods.
  2. I personally use the chrome app called GS Location Changer so when searching I get accurate search results for the exact area. (If you are just getting started you do not have to download any of the plugins mentioned here)
  3. Articles should have as many headings as needed to break down and organize the content but never less than 3 if that’s all that you can come up with.
  4. Be sure that the content used, is on topic and readable, the content below a heading must be related to that heading. (I know I shouldn’t have to say this)
  5. If the article topic is answering a question, it must directly answer the question in the first paragraph (it’s what Google likes)
  6. Always remove phone numbers, brand or company names when using content from company sites.


Paraphrasing Content

Adding The Correct Keywords/ Topics

Checking Uniqueness

Example of Content That Google LOVES and We Do Too!

Example of Article With Perfect Structure –

Another example of The Same Kind Of Single of Structure –

Note the single line factual sentences opposed to big content blocks that make up a traditional prargraph.