A Review Engine That Works!

I won’t get into the importance of reviews in this as many of you are aware of their value in both rankings and social proof to build trust with clients. The fact of the matter is, reviews are great and just asking for reviews usually falls on deaf ears or is quickly forgotten, yielding a very low review rate.
Some may or may not already know of services (such as Bird Eye) that charge anywhere from $95 – 300 a month to give you access to a platform that allows you to easily send a form to a customer to collect reviews for your business easier and mitigate a bad situation before it turns into a bad review. Forms like this tactfully nudge a client for their feedback without becoming a pest and the results speak for themselves in their effectiveness, but is Bird Eye really worth a starting point of $250 for this kind of service?
I had a client bring a service to my attention that was charging a monthly fee in the range above. It had a feedback form that had two key functions:

✅ The form changed based on the users input and at the completion of the form it directed happy customers to use the review platform that they use most to share their experience. The keyword in that being, “the platform they used most”, as many know a review on Yelp or Google from someone who doesn’t use the platform much doesn’t appear legitimate or with Yelp, gets hidden.

✅ If the user was unhappy with their experience, the platform directed unhappy customers to a feedback section that allowed them to express their frustrations with the service and notified them that their message would be directly forwarded to the company owner. Damage control!

After countless hours, I was finally been able to create a form that that functions perfectly to make collecting reviews easier and that also allows unhappy customers a feedback outlet before feeling as if they were unheard, and need to express themselves by leaving a negative review.
Going one step further, I know these platforms give you a code display reviews on your website so I have that solved too. I have an option to have a review page that will display all of your reviews that will automatically update in real time as you collect more and more reviews on Google. On top on of that, there are 4 display options that you can choose from. See display options here:
https://scientificranking.com/review-list-examples/ This page is password protected, the password is Elite
Take a look at the example form. Play with it, fill it out as if you were a happy customer, mad customer, or any configuration in between. It can also be customized to add or remove anything in the options. It can be sent directly as a link in a text or email and/ or it can embedded into a page on your website https://form.jotform.com/92615596967173