Training For Internal Linking

7 videos

  • Internal Linking Overview – 1:50
  • Linking Out From Home Page – 3:16
  • Interlinking Main Topic and Location Page Together – 2:38
  • Content Pages Finding Content Topics – 3:48
  • Finding and Adding Content – 14:04
  • Linking Content Pages To The Location Page – 9:25
  • Linking The Content Pages Together & Location Page Linking To Content Pages – 7:35

Total Watch Time – 42 minutes 36 seconds


Links must be placed above the fold!

800-1200 words per content page created

Important Tips


  1. Never chose content topics that are based on DIY (do it yourself) methods or questions
  2. The keyword tool here will give you great variations for anchor text choices – Uber Suggest
  3. Also the chrome app Keywords everywhere
  4. For content variations, google search the question and check the people also ask section for question variations
  5. I also use the chrome app called GS Location Changer so when searching I get accurate search results for the exact area
  6. These should all have at minimum 3-5 headings
  7. Be sure that the content used, is on topic and readable. It must directly answer the question in the first paragraph.
  8. Always remove phone numbers, brand or company names when using content from company sites.
  9. Titles and URL’s NEED to be in question form, the way someone would search it. Title and URL are the most important places to place keywords. KEEP URLS AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE
  10. Please create a google doc or google spreadsheet to track the pages created, internal links created and what anchors were used so we can easily see what content topics we have and what our internal anchor are. Example Tracking Sheet
  11. Please click the “use the divi builder” button and then make it a blank page before publishing. When doing so, the page title will not show in the content, it will only show as the page title so an H1 will need to be added to the content.


Home Page To Main Topic Page (In Content)

Home Page To Location Page (In Content) 

Main Topic To Location Page

Location Page To Main Topic Page

Create 5 Content Pages 

Link To Location Page From Each Of The Content Pages

Link Each Content Topic To The Next, Creating A Full Circle From The Last To The First

Link The Location Page To Each Of The Content Pages


Linking Out From The Home Page

Interlinking Main Topic and Location Page Together

Content Pages – Finding Content Topics

Finding and Adding Content

Linking Content Pages To Location Page

Linking Content Pages Together & Linking Back From The Location Page